Top 15 Best Infant Bath Tubs in 2022

Top 15 Best Infant Bath Tubs in 2020

Parenthood is said to be one of the most joyous and fulfilling experiences in a person’s life. But like a wise parent said, “The truth about parenting is, if you are going crazy, you are probably doing it right”. Being a parent isn’t always a bed of roses. Sometimes, your child does a small thing like let out a tiny burp and you tell yourself there is no better feeling than this, while other days you learn life changing lessons like how to never make eye contact with a child who is about to sleep, because they will sense your excitement and abort the mission. As a parent, you may have to make dinner thrice just to get 2 spoons of it in your child’s mouth, generously providing the rest to the table, their clothes, the wall and mostly to the dog. Of course, there are the frequent poop explosions which most kids find funny, probably because of the look on their parent’s faces, amused that these humans became parents voluntarily. Boiling it down, the quality of a parent you are is directly proportional to how effectively you manage to clean your baby at the end of the day.  Bathing a baby in an adult sized bath tub can be a high pressure, nerve wracking experience, but the right infant bath tub can make the experience relaxing and effortless. There is less squirming, screaming and biting and definitely more splashing and gurgles. Read our latest guide about the best baby bouncers.

 Is an infant bath tub really necessary?

Some people may be used to the traditional baby bathing ways, either placing them on your lap, or on the kitchen sink. But bathing the baby while standing up constantly over the sink or bending down over a bucket can take its toll especially on mothers recovering from a tedious delivery. A baby bath tub proves to be a convenient and safe way toTop 15 Best Infant Bath Tubs in 2018 bath babies. Infant tubs also help keep restless babies seated in one place, allowing them to slowly learn that water can be fun and giving parents some much needed relief. Read our complete guide about the best baby travel systems.

What are the different types of infant bath tubs available?

Buying an infant bath tub may seem like a simple task. However, once parents know the multitude of options available, the whole shopping experience can become frustrating. Does the tub need a temperature gauge? What are bath rings? Do they buy one that can be placed on a sink? One important factor to be taken into consideration is the space available. If it’s a small house, a tub that can be inserted on the sink would be an ideal option. We have listed some of the types of infant bath tubs available in the market.

Plastic bath tub

These are simple plastic tubs that can easily fit in a sink, carrying your baby. They often have sloped surfaces to comfortably seat the toddler.

Hammock bath tub

This is a life saver for new parents. Since the newborn cannot easily support its own weight, it gets tedious for parents to simultaneously support and bathe the toddler. Hence, the hammock bath tub comes handy as it has a sling or hammock to carry the newborn securely, allowing parents the freedom to use both hands to bathe the baby.

Convertible bath tub

These baby bath tubs are flexible and they can be adjusted to accommodate a child across its growing period. They can be used for a new born, infant or toddler. These bath tubs can be used in two or three different positions, to suitTop 15 Best Infant Bath Tubs in 2018 the various stages of the baby’s growth, giving the parent maximum value for money.

Cushion bath tub

This is different from other tubs because it gives the parent the added advantage of using it inside their regular bath tub, saving space. The cushion does not soak up water, it simply cordons off a portion of the bath tub for the baby when placed in a bigger bath tub.

Inflatable bath tubs

These bath tubs are flat when purchased and occupies minimal space. Once air is pumped in they expand to the size of a regular baby bath tub that can hold enough water and a baby. These are portable and easy to store. However, there is a compromise on the quality and durability.

Fold up bath tub

Bath tubs usually occupy a reasonable amount of space, making storage quite tricky. Once water is drained out, these bath tubs shrink to almost a fraction of their original size and can be folded and packed easily. They are highly compact and easily portable.

Luxury bath tub

Like the name suggests, this can be considered as the highest class in bath tubs. Fully equipped with amenities like spa jets which swirl the water, automatic bubble machines, a mini shower nozzle to rinse the baby and much more, this bath tub gives the baby a 5-star bathing experience. Naturally, it is heavier and costlier than the other lower end models.

Baby buckets

As the name suggests, these are buckets in which the babies are placed upright. Although it seems restricted in termsTop 15 Best Infant Bath Tubs in 2018 of space available, it was found to calm down restless babies who hated bathing.

How does a parent choose the right infant bath tub?

There are a few factors and features that can be considered while buying an infant bath tub in order to ensure that the baby has an enjoyable bath time experience. While buying a tub, it is essential to analyze these factors and choose one that fits your home.

  • Temperature gauge Some tubs come with a color changing strip or a plug that indicates when the water gets too hot. One can also find tubs with digital temperature gauges. It is essential to ensure that the water is at the right temperature for the baby, be it with indicators or just your elbow or wrist.
  • Non-skid surface It is advisable to get a tub with a non-skid surface, to prevent the soapy, slippery babies from injuring themselves.
  • Smooth and overhanging rim A smooth rim without jagged surfaces will ensure that the baby doesn’t get scratched while being taken out from or placed inside the tub. Secondly, make sure the tub has an overhanging rim, a feature that makes it easy to carry the tub.
  • Ease of drying An important feature to look for is how easily the tub can be dried after a bath. The presence of any damp surfaces can result in mold or fungal formation, putting the baby at risk. It is best to look for bath tubs made of materials that do not absorb and retain water.
  • Ease of draining Ensure that the tub can be easily drained of water, using a plug.
  • Size and water capacity Choose a size that fits your baby comfortably. Many tubs remain shallow even when filled till the brim, so while buying a tub its essential to be a good judge of its water storage capacity.

Baby bath tubs have evolved over the years and with the right knowledge, parents can be the proud owner of a cute, comfortable bath tub that their baby will surely love! Whatever be the model, parents should ensure that they never take their eyes of their baby during bath time, as they are of course, the best baby monitor.


Picture Name Feature Price Rating


Name Feature Price


1. Shnuggle Baby bath tub Non-slip rubber bottom $$ 4.8
2. Blooming bath lotus- baby bath
smooth edged and soft $$ 4.8
3. Fisher Price- 4 in 1 Sling ‘n Seat tub
Soft mesh sling $$ 4.6
4. Summer Infant Comfort height bath tub
16 inchesH x 28.5 inchesW x 17 inchesD $$ 4.6
5. Puj Tub
Mold and mildew resistant $$ 4.5
6. Boon soak 3 stage bath tub Fits in most double sinks $$ 4.5
7. Fisher-Price Whale of a Tub Bathtub
Whale of a Tub! P9438 $$ 4.4
8. Summer Infant Newborn to Toddler Bath Center and Shower, Blue
removable shower $$ 4.4
  9. Primo Eurobath
6-24 month toddlers $$ 4.2
10. Fisher- Price Rinse ‘n Grow Tub
whale toy for water play $$ 4.2
11. Summer Infant Lil Luxuries Whirlpool bubbling spa and shower bath tub
child up to 12 months $$ 4.2
12. Inflatable baby bath tub, Topist portable mini air swimming pool Ideal for babies between 0 to 48 months $$ 4.1
13. Summer infant splish ‘n splash newborn to toddler tub
Infant sling cradles baby $$ 4.1
14. Puj Flyte – Compact Baby Bathtub
Ideal sink size between 16-19 inches $$ 4.0
15. Locisne Baby Inflatable Bathtub
fits 0-3 years old kids $$ 3.9

1. Shnuggle Baby bath tub

The top pick for a baby bath tub is the Shnuggle baby bath tub. Here are the features that make it stand out.Shnuggle Baby bath tub


The Shnuggle baby bath tub is compact, lightweight and uses just 2 liters of water. This design makes it easily portable even when filled with water. A bum bump is incorporated in the design and this bath tub also comes with a warm foam backrest. It rests on a non-slip rubber bottom, keeping it secure on any surface. The tub has smooth edges and an overhanging rim, making it easily portable. Made of BPA free plastic, its small size makes it ideal to use in the bath, shower, kitchen sink or on the floor. The tub however does not have a temperature indicator, a feature that will help ensure the water does not get overheated.


This bath tub belongs to the category of convertible bath tubs and it adjusts itself according to the baby’s progressive growth, supporting it and helping develop core muscles for essential skills like sitting. Initially one hand can be used to support a newborn across the back rest, but with time, the foam back support helps the babies sit by themselves. The unique shape ensure that the child has room to play and splash too. It prevents toddlers from slipping, keeping even the squirmiest toddlers in place. The design, although bulky and requiring large storage space, conserves water and retains warmth. The bum bump, integrated into its design supports the baby as they start sitting forward, ensuring that they have a comfortable bath time. This bath tub can be used up to 12 months, supporting all children and aiding their development, especially the ones with low mobility and posture problems. The cleaning process for this product is also hassle free and it comes in the moderately expensive price range.


  • Unique design with a soft back rest, helping babies sit comfortably and aid their growth across different stages.
  • Non-slip rubber bottom, preventing the tub from moving.
  • Can be used on a raised surface, perfect for parents who cannot bend down easily.


  • There is no plug to drain water, potentially leaving behind damp stains on the tub, which could lead to mold growth.
  • Measuring line is not accurate and the bath tub can sometimes overflow
  • It takes two people to bathe a newborn as they cannot support themselves

To conclude, the Shnuggle bath tub is simple in its design but offers excellent functionality and gives parents a hassle-free bathing experience. Highly economical for the features it offers, this bath tub has attracted positive reviews and remains the most preferred amongst users across the globe.

2. Blooming bath lotus- baby bath

Here is what you need to know about the 2nd most preferred baby bath tub, the extremely pretty, blooming bathBlooming bath lotus- baby bath lotus.


This bath tub comes as a foldable cloth and opens up to give you a flower with four petals, forming a warm, comfortable seat for your baby at the center. The cloth is soft and has as towel like texture, preventing the baby from slipping. The petals are smooth, simple and elegant. The center of the flower is 8 inches in diameter, perfect for babies up to 6 months.

The petals are flexible and can be placed in all types of sinks. The bath tub also comes in 6 different colors.


Parents have to first close the plug on the sink and fill it with water, before placing the blooming bath tub. Water should not be run directly on the baby as the temperature can suddenly fluctuate. The petals fit to the size of the sink and the cushion like seat cradles the baby comfortably. The cloth has to be washed according to the instructions as it can lose color and texture after frequent washing. The bath tub absorbs water, making it heavy and this along with the baby’s weight ensures that the tub does not move from its place. After washing, excess water can be wrung in the sink and the tub can be dried by keeping it in a dryer for 10-15 minutes. It is also washer and dryer safe when used on a delicate cycle.


  • Made of cloth and hence it is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bath tubs.
  • The petals are smooth edged and soft, leaving no room for any injury to the baby.
  • It can fit easily on sinks of all sizes.
  • Easy to clean and dry.


  • Petals tend to fold and close in on the baby in small sinks.
  • Water and the petals can easily get cold.
  • Difficult to remove water completely by squeezing and the cloth tends to remain wet, causing mold formation.

In conclusion, the blooming bath tub is ideal for washing your baby on the sink, and a great buy if you lack enough storage space. It was also found to be good for bathing premature babies.


3. Fisher Price- 4 in 1 Sling ‘n Seat tub

Here are the unique features of the Fisher Price 4 in 1 Sling ‘n seat tub, making it a popular choice amongst parents.Fisher Price- 4 in 1 Sling ‘n Seat tub


This bath tub comes under the convertible category, growing with the baby and supporting it across four stages. It consists of a soft mesh sling to support a new born in stage one, a baby stopper which can be inserted to prevent the infant from slipping or sliding in stage two, a soft back “sit -me-up” support to help prop up the baby in stage three and a spacious tub for the toddler at stage four. The entire set up also comes with whale shaped scooper for added fun and stories. There is a built-in plug to drain water and keep the tub clean. It also contains a hook using which the tub can be hung on the door or shower rod for convenient storage.


The soft mesh sling cradles the new born baby over the water, holding them in place and keeping them content and secure. Once the new born grows, you can attach the baby stopper, a plastic insert over which the baby can be gently reclined to prevent slipping. Once the toddler is able to sit by himself, the baby stopper is revamped into a soft back rest, against which the baby is propped, allowing him to sit comfortably. Finally, once the child becomes big enough to play and splash around, the accessories can be removed revealing a large bath tub accommodating the child comfortably. The convenience continues even after bath time, as the tub is easy to clean and can be dried by hanging it on a rod or the door through the attached hook. The 4 in 1 tub also comes with added accessories like the whale scooper and squeeze bottle which makes the whole bath time experience even more enjoyable for the little one.


  • Can be used for nearly a year or more, accommodating to the child’s growth.
  • Soft mesh sling makes it convenient to bathe a new born.
  • Additional accessories to enhance the fun.


  • The baby stopper does not have a smooth surface and has a few sharp edges, which have to be removed to prevent injuries.

In conclusion, this baby bath tub is an economic buy, allowing the parents to use the same tub

for 12 months or more.

4. Summer Infant Comfort height bath tub

The summer infant comfort height bath tub boasts of the following features, making it a popular choice amongstSummer Infant Comfort height bath tub parents


This bath tub consists of a raised plastic base, which can be tightly locked with the tub, giving parents the necessary height to conveniently bathe their babies. It comes with a separate, attachable newborn bath support, which provides a comfortable incline for the child. This support can be placed on the tub and removed once the child loses the need for it. The tub however cannot be used without the supporting stool. The tub is bulky and requires a large space for storage.


The bath tub can be placed on a sink or a bigger tub, based on the available space in the house. The characteristic feature of this tub, the elevation platform is ideal for parents with back problems, or mothers who have had tiresome C sections. The newborn support comes with non-slip grips that allows it to stay in place securely. The plastic newborn support is more hygienic than the cloth support and is more preferred. The plastic raised surface can double up as a stool, when not in use. The bigger tub as well as the newborn insert have drain plugs to drain the water, however it is difficult to drain the tub while it is on the elevation support as the drain is obstructed by the stool.


  • The raised platform is convenient for mothers who cannot bend down to bathe their baby.
  • This bath tub can be placed on a regular adult sized tub as well as the sink.
  • Sturdy yet light.
  • Easy to clean and has a small plug to drain water.


  • The newborn support slips easily and is hard to secure.
  • Water tends to stagnate in the newborn support, leading to the risk of mold formation.
  • Tub does not have an anti-slip coating, posing safety concerns.

In conclusion, this bath tub is the best choice for parents who have back mobility constraints

and cannot bend down easily, allowing the baby to be bought to a convenient height. Despite

some drawbacks, this remains a popular buy with scope for improvement.

5. Puj Tub

Here is all you need to know about the attractive Puj Tub that makes it a well-known option that many parents optPuj Tub for.


The puj tub baby bath tub is made of a soft foam material that folds and fits to the shape of any sink. Since it is made of closed cell foam, the tub does not absorb water, making it mold resistant, eliminating any health risks for the baby. The tub uses magnets to retain its shape while cradling the baby. The foam material is soft, non-slip and is free of PVC and BPA, keeping the baby healthy and rash free. It contains three holes to help remove excess water while the baby is seated. The design is hence space saving and compact and is quick to assemble as well as easy to store.


The puj baby bath tub can be used on a sink having dimensions below the maximum limit specified, folding itself to conform to the shape. The soft foam material is strong, sturdy and does not absorb water. Once the baby is comfortably seated in the tub, magnets hold the shape in place. There are three holes through which excess water overflows, ensuring that the baby is seated in the right volume of water. The soft foam keeps the water warm and has a strong grip, preventing the baby from slipping. The bath tub is flexible and you can change the elevation to a desired position, reducing the elevation for infants who cannot sit on their own. Both hands can be used for bathing the baby, as they are comfortably secured at the center of the tub. The tub is easy to wash and can be made flat and hung for drying, thus saving space.


  • Takes the shape of the sink.
  • Can be flattened and hung for drying.
  • Suitable for C section moms who can bathe their child at hip level rather than bending.


  • Bit expensive.
  • Does not fit all sink dimensions.
  • Small size which kids easily outgrow, earlier than the average lifetime of the tub.

  In conclusion, the Puj bath tub is ideal for families who are constantly on the move, or those

who live in small spaces.

6. Boon soak 3 stage bath tub

Here are the features of the boon soak 3 stage bath tub which gives it a place amongst our top 10 picks.Boon soak 3 stage bath tub


As the name suggests, the Boon soak 3 stage bath tub supports the baby across various stages of growth. It has a soft, contoured back wall with an anti- slip foam, catered to help prop infants at the first stage, when they cannot sit on their own. This baby bath tub comes with an adjustable baby bump, which can be positioned according to the baby’s size. It also comes with a color changing drain, which acts as temperature gauge. The tub is not travel friendly as it is bulky and difficult to transport.


This tub can fit on most double sinks and is suitable for mothers who cannot bend easily, especially after a C section. The soft foam wall supports a new born with the right ergonomics, where the seating is not too upright or not too flat. It also keeps the baby warm. As the baby grows, the adjustable baby bump can be used to prevent the toddler from slipping, seating them in the right position. The bump can however be slippery especially if the baby is squirmy. Hence, the child must be carefully monitored while bathing. The bath also contains a color changing drain plug which acts as a temperature gauge that changes color when the water becomes too hot. This silicon plug allows for efficient water removal.


  • Easy to clean and can be dried using a hook.
  • Economically priced.
  • Leaves behind no damp patches and hence gives no room for mold or fungal growth.
  • Can fit in a double sink.


  • Size can sometimes be too big for the sink.
  • Not PVC or phthalate free, thus leaving room for health risks.
  • Foam rest can get scratched and worn out with few uses.

In conclusion, the Boon, soak 3 stage bath tub is sturdy and lightweight and can be used for large

sinks. Moderately priced, it can be used for a good amount of time till the baby outgrows it,

supporting it through various stages of growth. It is a good buy, although there is scope for

product improvement.


7. Fisher-Price Whale of a Tub Bathtub

Here is all you need to know about this colorful, cute and kid friendly baby bath tub.Fisher-Price Whale of a Tub Bathtub


The fisher- price whale of a tub bath tub is designed to resembled a smiling whale. It has a specially contoured infant seat with a padded seat with a back support. The infant seat can be removed once the toddler grows up and no longer needs it, revealing a spacious tub. The bath tub has a flush drain plug, aiding easy cleanup. This model fits in both sinks and adult size tubs, giving the baby a comfortable bath time experience. The infant seat is made of non-slip material and ideally will not allow the baby to slip during the bath. This attractive design makes the tub ideal for outdoor water play, giving the child sufficient space and leg room to play in.


This is a convertible type baby bath tub, growing as the child grows and develops. The infant is supported on a foam head rest at an inclination, such that parents can comfortably use both hands for bathing. Once they grow older, the infant seat can be removed and the baby can splash around freely in the tub. The infant seat forms the tail of the whale. The non-slip surface of the tub ensures that the babies are safe and comfortable.  Cleanup is a breeze and water can be drained easily with the innovative flush drain plug. The cute design is pleasing to the eye and is sure to excite any baby. This tub can be used up to 12 months.


  • Works better in a bath tub rather than the kitchen sink.
  • Material is sturdy, durable and of good quality.
  • Economical and long lasting.


  • The tub does not have a non- slip grip on the base and can tend to slip if the baby moves a lot.
  • The tub tends to leak if the drain is not plugged properly.
  • The tub is made of a hard plastic and is not BPA or phalate free, giving parents the constant worry of potential health hazards.

In conclusion, this bath tub is a good pick if you want an attractive design and are okay if some

features as seen in higher end tubs are missing.

8. Summer Infant Newborn to Toddler Bath Center and Shower, Blue

Here is all you need to know about the newborn to toddler bath center and shower by Summer infant.


This multifunctional newborn tot toddler bath center and shower includes portable motorized bath shower, a soft,Summer Infant Newborn to Toddler Bath Center and Shower, Blue sturdy sling for newborns and a plastic tub. The shower is battery powered and need to be replaced often. The bath tub can be placed on the sink or on an adult sized bath tub. The bottom of the tub is textured to prevent the baby from slipping and the tub has smooth edges. This bath center and shower has to be set up and assembled prior to every wash and the water spray must be loaded with batteries which have to be changed constantly. This bath tub is loaded with many features, which makes it bulky and difficult to store.


The infant to toddler bath center and shower is a comprehensive set up that grows with the child across various stages. The soft mesh sling cradles the infant, and when placed on the bigger tub it gives you complete access to wash the baby from all sides. The sling is sturdy and long lasting. The motorized shower gently sprays the child with jets of water, making it easier to clean them effectively as compared to tediously pouring water from a bucket for every wash. The force of the shower spray must be adjusted to suit the baby. Once the infant grows, the motorized spray can be used from outside the tub and the newborn sling loses its functionality. The toddler has more room to play in the large tub with water being sprayed from outside. Water is drained with the help of a drain plug.


  • Motorized water spray allows for complete accessibility for thorough cleaning.
  • Tub has large leg room for splash and play.
  • Pump has minimal pressure.
  • Drains easily from the bottom.


  • The new born sling may not have sufficient inclination for an infant who has trouble sitting upright.
  • Danger of battery acid leaking from the shower attachment.
  • Rusty batteries can lead to discoloration of water and need to be checked constantly.

In conclusion, this product is a good choice for the convenient, portable water spray that

allows for efficient cleaning.

9. Primo Eurobath

Here are the features of the unique primo eurobath that makes it a preferred choice amongst parents.


The Primo Eurobath is one of the largest bath tubs available in the market and can be used on a regular adult sizedPrimo Eurobath bath tub. Its unique selling point is the distinct anatomical shape that supports fore arms, head and legs, not allowing the baby to slip during a bath. There is safety post which comes between the baby’s legs, preventing them from slipping. The bath tub is long lasting and supports a child up to two years. The tub is made of recycled polypropylene and is BPA, Phthalates and lead free, providing the baby a toxic free environment. The Primo eurobath also has a built-in drain and two spaces to keep soap, shampoo or bath toys. A hoop is available, through which a plastic tie can be looped to hang the eurobath on the shower rod or door for easy storage.


The patented European design is anatomically designed to securely fit the baby’s arms and legs. The new born can be reclined at a gentle incline during its first six months after which the baby can be bathed while seated. The unique design with the safety post prevents the child from slipping out of place when wet. The tub is large enough for the toddler to splash around, and holds enough water to keep them warm. The drain allows for quick water removal. The tub allows for easy cleaning with a wet cloth and soap. The optional primo folding bath stand can be used with the eurobath to elevate it to a suitable level for the comfort of parents.


  • Unique shape that provides a snug fit.
  • Made of long lasting solid, toxic free material.
  • Easy to clean and store with the help of a hook.
  • Smooth edges.


  • Too big for a small baby
  • Uses up a lot of water.
  • Cannot be used on a sink, not giving the advantage of height.

To conclude, the primo eurobath is an ideal buy for larger kids who need sufficient space to kick

and splash around.

10. Fisher- Price Rinse ‘n Grow Tub

Here is all you need to know about the pocket friendly Rinse ‘n grow tub sold by Fisher- Price.


The Fisher – Price Rinse ‘n Grow tub supports the child through three stages of growth. It consists of soft, adjustableFisher- Price Rinse ‘n Grow Tub sling for cradling the baby. The tub is roomy and comes with two goldfish strainers, with holes at the bottom, which can be used to pour water gently and also spray water over the child. It also acts a fun play toy. The bath tub has a drain plug and a built in pouring spout making it extremely easy to clean. The sling can be hung on a shower rod and transforms into a bag to store the toys as well.


The rinse ‘n grow tub can be used to bathe the child up to 12 months. An adjustable sling provides the advantage of changing the inclination for a convenient position. Initially the soft sling can be inclined at a lower, convenient angle for the new born, resting his head at the right angle. The sling has a thick, cloth rim that keeps the baby content and comfortable. The sling can then be readjusted to provide a steeper incline for toddlers who are learning how to sit, giving them a back support. Parents must ensure that the straps on the sling are sturdy. Both the tub and sling can be easily cleaned. The sling is machine washable and when hung, it dries easily and even converts into a mesh pocket storage bag. The tub can only be used on a flat surface and not on sinks.


  • Comes in many colors, sturdy build.
  • Comes with additional useful, cup accessories.
  • No uncomfortable contoured back or baby bump.
  • Affordable option with good features.


  • Does not offer elevation and hence might be difficult for mothers who have had C sections, to bend over.
  • Cannot be used over the sink.
  • Does not have compartments to store soap or shampoo.

In conclusion, if the product does not contain any defects, it proves to be an affordable option

for parents, offering a multitude of simple yet convenient features for the baby.

11. Summer Infant Lil Luxuries Whirlpool bubbling spa and shower bath tub

Here is all you need to know about the high end and expensive, summer infant lil luxuries whirlpool bubbling spa and shower bath tub.


The lil luxuries bath tub offers a spa like experience for your little one, leaving him excited for bath time. It supportsSummer Infant Lil Luxuries Whirlpool bubbling spa and shower bath tub both a new born and a toddler, till up to a year. This tub comes with a deluxe new born sling, with a plush warm seat that can be used over a sink, infant tub or even an adult tub. It contains a motorized water jet that creates bubbles and gentle, soothing vibrations. The shower unit is removable and the roomy tub can be used as such for bigger toddlers. The entire tub has insulated double walls which secure the water temperature, keeping the baby warm for longer durations.


The summer infant lil luxuries whirlpool bubbling spa and shower bath tub is a luxurious experience indeed. During their initial stages, the new born is supported on a slightly inclined sling, made of a plush, cushion like material, keeping the infant warm and safe, giving him a sense of security. There is an attached jet spray that is battery operated and helps parents thoroughly clean the baby more efficiently, as compared to manually scooping from a bucket every time. The motorized water jet creates bubbles that is bound to make bath time more fun, keeping the child engaged. The motor also creates gentle vibrations that can help sooth an agitated baby. The tub retains warmth due to the insulated double walls. It can be used for bigger toddlers by removing the motorized spray attachment. There is a drain attached for easy water removal.


  • Plush sling cradles the new born, leaving him secure and safe.
  • Motorized sprayer is useful for cleaning the baby thoroughly.
  • The gentle vibrations soothe squirmy, agitated babies.
  • Walls are soft and high, protecting the baby from any bruising.


  • The batteries in the motorized spray have to be changed frequently.
  • The noise from the motor can irritate the baby.    

 In conclusion, this bath tub is a good option for those willing to shell out money for a little

extra, luxury features.

12. Inflatable baby bath tub, Topist portable mini air swimming pool

Here are the features of the inflatable bath tub offered by Topist.


The inflatable baby bath tub is made of environmentally friendly green non-toxic PVC. The tub is entirely paddedInflatable baby bath tub, Topist portable mini air swimming pool and as the name suggests, it is inflatable and inflates within minutes. It has an inner center cushion, which provides comfort for the baby and the anti-skid bottom ensures their safety. The tub has four compartments, one back, one bottom to avoid slipping, one for the lower back and one wall. Even if one of the compartments deflates, the tub will hold its shape. There is a water level indicator. The tub comes with attached side pockets that are handy for storing toys or soap. Water can be drained through a drain hole at the bottom. An additional hand pump is necessary for inflating the tub. The tub has a strap that can hang on a hook, allowing for convenient drying.


This inflatable tub by Topist has comfortable, soft padding providing the necessary comfort for the baby. The tub is safe for the baby as even if they hit their head against the wall, the padding will not hurt them. It can be inflated using a small hand up and deflated easily after washing. The highlight of this product is the easy storage once it is folded after deflation. The bath tub can also be used as a swimming pool for a larger child to play in. It is ideal for use for larger babies as there is no provision for infants who cannot sit on their own.


  • Highly convenient for parents who travel as the tub is inflatable.
  • Portable and easy to store.
  • Padded interiors to keep baby safe.
  • Easy to inflate.


  • Cannot be used over the sink, making it difficult for parents with back issues.
  • Need for additional pump.
  • Safety concerns about the material that the tub is made of.

In conclusion, despite having some shortcomings, this tub is ideal for larger babies to play in.

It is the right choice for families that travel frequently and require a bath tub that is easily


13. Summer infant splish ‘n splash newborn to toddler tub

Here are the features of this colorful baby bath tub for summer infant, another innovative product from the popularSummer infant splish ‘n splash newborn to toddler tub brand.


The summer infant splish ‘n splash newborn to toddler tub caters to both a new born and a toddler. It comes with a soft, newborn sling that securely cradles the new born, supporting it and keeping it secure during bath time. The tub contains a padded incline that gently supports the baby. There is a spacious toddler area that gives the child sufficient room to play. The splish ‘n splash newborn to toddler tub also has a parent assist tray in the side, where parents can keep soaps or towels at a distance easy to reach. The tub can fit in single and double sinks as well as in an adult sized bath tub. There is a drain at the bottom for easy water removal.


The design is well thought and supports the child from an infant stage to that of a toddler. The soft sling is used to support a new born, keeping them safe and secure, allowing the parents complete access to the baby. Once the baby outgrows the sling, they can be placed on the padded recline, a feature that provides the perfect inclination for a child learning to sit. It helps the child learn to sit on his own. The baby stopper between the legs along with the non- slip padding prevents them from slipping.  The added storage compartment is perfect for keeping soaps, toys or towels within your reach.


  • It is pocket friendly.
  • Suitable for infants as well as toddlers
  • In built storage compartment for soaps and towels.
  • Large size comfortable for bigger babies to bathe and play in.


  • Bulky and difficult to store if you have a small house.
  • Potential for mold growth around the padded areas if the tub is not cleaned properly.
  • Sling size may be too small for the baby and has to be checked before buying.

In conclusion, this bath tub is a budget friendly option for families who live in houses with

sufficient storage space.

14. Puj Flyte – Compact Baby Bathtub

Here are the features of the Puj Flyte- Compact baby bath tub, a modified version of the popular Puj Baby Bath tub.Puj Flyte – Compact Baby Bathtub


The puj flyte compact baby bath tub is made of durable yet soft closed cell foam, that is free of BPA, PVC and phthalates, giving your baby a comfortable, toxic free bath environment. Contrary to cloth slings or inflammable bath tubs, the puj bath tub does not absorb water and is hence resistant to mildew and mold formation. It is designed such that it is easily foldable, light and can fit in any suitcase or handbag, making it ideal for travel. It can be used by simply setting it up over a sink. There are three holes in the sides for draining excess water. This innovative design is sturdy and durable but can also be folded and carried in a suitcase or hand bag.


The puj flyte compact baby bath tub is a slightly altered version of the already popular puj bath tub, the added advantage being it is easily foldable and can be taken during travel. Since it can be used on a sink of preferred dimensions, it is highly recommended for parents who have had a C section or have back problems, as it involves no bending, kneeling or back breaking. The tub is durable and lightweight. The compact design can be stored easily, either folded in the bathroom cabinet or hung using the hook over the shower rod or door. The comfortable design allows parents to wash their babies with both hands. The design is such that it conserves water, energy and space. Apart from being toxic free, the material has a grippy texture that prevents it from sliding over the sink.


  • Resistant to mold and mildew formation.
  • Non-absorbent and also dries quickly.
  • Has a hook for easy, space saving storage.
  • Can be folded and stored in a cupboard or drawer.


  • Insufficient water retaining capacity.
  • Can slip in large sinks.
  • Not suitable for bathing in larger adult sized tubs.

In conclusion, the Puj Flyte compact baby bath tub is an ideal buy for frequent travels and for houses with small sinks.

15.Locisne Baby Inflatable Bathtub

Here is all you need to know about the inflatable baby bath tub offered by Locisne.


Th Locisne inflatable baby bathtub is made from BPA free PVC material that protects your baby’s skin. The entireLocisne Baby Inflatable Bathtub tub has a slip resistance design on the inside as well as the outside. There is also an inflatable raised section to support the baby around the legs. The backrest is at a 45-degree angle and can support babies who cannot sit on their own. The back rest can be inflated separately and the angle of inclination can be adjusted by inflating it less or more according to the baby’s comfort.  The tub has a big drain plug at the bottom for water release. There is also an additional side pouch to keep accessories like bath toys or soap and shampoo within easy reach. It has an attached plastic rope for easy drying. The packaging also comes with a free inflation pump which makes it an ideal gift for new parents.


The tub is first removed from the cover and each of the three sections are inflated separately. The entire bath tub is soft and cushioned keeping the baby safe and warm.  The back rest can be inclined at a convenient angle by adjusting the amount of inflation. Parents should ensure that the ground is free of sharp objects prior to inflation. It is also not advisable to pour hot boiling water directly into the tub. The tub is suitable for big children and provides ample space to play.


  • Inflatable and easy to fold and carry while travelling.
  • Has a side pouch to store bath toys, soap and shampoo.
  • Soft interiors made of anti – slip material to keep baby safe.
  • Adjustable inclination, suitable for toddlers who are learning to sit.


  • Suitable only for larger babies, unsafe for new born infants.
  • Does not have a temperature indicator.
  • The drain plug is not secure so water may leak.

In conclusion, this bath tub is suitable for children who are big enough to play and splash around on their own. It is a good choice for frequent travels.


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