Top 15 Best Tandem Strollers in 2022

Top 15 Best Tandem Strollers in 2021

Parenting, as much as a unique, profound and blissful experience, it demands great responsibility and care. It is demanding both in terms of taking care of the infant as well as carrying about with the daily chores. You have to take both together and simultaneously. Now we don’t want you to look all haggard and go around running errands with the little one in one hand and all other things forced into the other as if walking a tightrope, we have gathered down all the best tandem strollers that are a godsend. You can use them whenever you are out without tiring your baby and yourself. Read our complete guide about the best jogging strollers.

Why Buy A Tandem Stroller?

If you have two angels that can turn into whining, clamouring devils during your day-to-day activities you will find the tandem stroller to be an answer to all your troubles. You can make your outdoor trips or stroll in parks to enjoy peaceful family time with the tandem stroller. You won’t need to carry around two strollers along with other belongings, un such time all you would wish for is to strap the two in one space to get through the moment of craziness and can’t-be-missed errands. The siblings will enjoy together in the spacious and embellished stroller without testing your patience and make the whole moment a delightful one.
With the plethora of essentials that need deliberation before you buy the tandem stroller. Budget, quality, features, functionality, and a lot of such concerns get your head spinning. This guide has been drawn to help you with all the puzzling issues. And few of the handpicked tandem strollers can make to your homes and relieve you from running around jostling with kids and work. Read our latest guide about the best double jogging strollers.

Types of Strollers

There are two basic types of tandem strollers that come with tremendous benefits for you and fulfill a child’s needs. Top 15 Best Tandem Strollers in 2018They have their share of drawbacks, nevertheless, they aren’t big enough and one of them will surely fall into your list of next purchases.

Side-by-Side Strollers

In the side-by-side tandem stroller, two seats lie side by side and give its seaters the same amount of pleasure and experience. The two seats have similar adjustability and properties. The recline options, seat size, protective elements all are same for the two passenger seats. The drawback, side-by-side tandem strollers have is their relative wider size that makes maneuvering difficult. Their awkward size makes lifting in tight spots difficult, despite the inconvenience they are preferred to the other models out there.

Inline Strollers

The inline strollers are known as the tandem strollers because of the seats that are positioned one behind the other. Although they are easy to navigate, the hindrance they have is that many times the features provided in one seat is missing in the other. One reclines more than the other or the other has an adjustable leg that is missing in the former. This disparity creates problems for the parents as younger children have more competitive nature, so your purchase can turn into a downright troublesome experience. All these issues make them ideal for children with an age gap. On the brighter side, you will find it easy to navigate through rough spots or push around with ease.
When buying strollers there are a few questions that must be addressed before you spend your hard-earned money. Not only money, but your children’s comfort and a respite for you from juggling and jostling while you are out.

Narrowing Down the List

Make a list of your preferences and needs before you plunge into the adventure of buying a tandem stroller for your kids. There are many things that might seem insignificant to use at first, but it’s better not to find them out with a horrible experience. Rather go through this guide, we have listed down all the important things that you should thinkTop 15 Best Tandem Strollers in 2018 about before you buy a tandem stroller.

Age of Your Children

Age is of your children is really important to bear in mind when you set off to buy a stroller. If they are of the same age, a side-by-side stroller will be a better option. Since you don’t want the children’s competitive whining to ruin your perfect family day out or your important chore that needs to be done. A tandem stroller is best in case of children who have age and size difference. The front seat is spacy as compared to the back one, which means you have to make your younger child sit at the back as making the younger one sit at the front will make you older child uncomfortable and the crunch will spoil the kid’s fun. But there is good news, there are a few models that allow you to change the seating arrangement so that the two can sit facing each other. You can also make your elder kid stand in it. But then again you wouldn’t want a tired, whimpering, who screams your head out.

How often and the Duration of Your Usage

Since, with the double stroller you have to keep in mind its size and the space it takes, it is better to first decide on the purpose and duration of the stroller. Do you have to go the long distance or just around the block for a while? If you use it for a limited time, then a simple stroller would be enough for you. But if you plan a trip where you will have to walk a significant distance, you need to be really careful while you pick your tandem stroller. Check your storage space as well and if the stroller fits into your car in case you travel. Also, if you use the stroller very often, make sure to take into consideration the durability of the stroller.

There must be various features that can facilitate you if you have to use a stroller frequently so that the kids remain occupied with their activities or sound sleep. The less troubled they are, the better for you. Bells, whistles, a nice napping space will be a boon for you. Some of the strollers also have toys, pockets, sunshades, and trays too to keepTop 15 Best Tandem Strollers in 2018 the child busy. For the ones who are more of a sightseer, they can recline back in the seat and enjoy the view lying down cozily in the roomy seats. Going out would no longer be a daunting task and you will look for excuses to leave home.

The tandem strollers that we have picked for you might seem same at the surface but as you will go through the features that each has to offer you will understand the little things that amount big differences and impacts. They all have nice features, you just have to find out which one suits your requirements and you are good to go. If you buy a stroller that does you no good or makes you wish not to go out with your children, you probably have made the wrong choice. Check our handpicked strollers and find for yourself one that fits into the scale of your easiness. Let’s sit in the driving seat then to drive through our collection of some of the best tandem strollers you will find in the market!


Picture Name Feature Price Rating


Name Feature Price


1. Baby Jogger 2017 City Select Stroller WITH Second Seat (Black/Grey)
extra seat kit included $$$ 4.8
2. Contours Curve Tandem Double Stroller for Infant and Toddler – 360° Turning and Easy Handling Over Curbs
Wheels coated with rubber $$$ 4.8
3. Baby Jogger 2015 City Select with 2nd Seat, Onyx
Back pocket $$$ 4.6
4. Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller – Black/Gray
Pockets and a large basket $$$ 4.6
5. JOOVY Caboose Too Ultralight Graphite Stand-On Tandem Stroller, Black
Easy folding and unfolding option $$$ 4.5
6. Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller, Laguna Blue
Rubber coated wheels $$$ 4.5
7. Graco DuoGlider Stroller, Glacier, One Size
Individual sun canopy $$$ 4.4
8. Joovy Caboose Graphite Stand On Tandem Stroller, Black
Large storage space $$$ 4.4
9. Baby Trend Sit and Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller – Phantom
Multi-position recline front seat $$$ 4.2
10. Double Stroller Convenience Urban Twin Carriage stroller Tandem Collapsible Stroller All Terrain Double
passed the F833 safety standard test $$$ 4.2
11. Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller
360-degree shock absorbing wheels $$ 4.2
12. Joovy Toy Doll Caboose Tandem Stroller – Pink Dot
handle is padded $$ 4.1
13. Besrey Double Baby Stroller Baby Tandem Stroller – Gray
One touch collapsible $$$ 4.1
14. Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller, Black
Seats recline separately $$$ 4.0
15. Kinderwagon Hop Tandem Umbrella Stroller – Black v2
Has an inline design $$$ 3.9

1. Baby Jogger 2017 City Select Stroller WITH Second Seat (Black/Grey)

You don’t need to lose yourself amidst the sea of strollers that are up in the market. The Baby Jogger stroller is oneBaby Jogger 2017 City Select Stroller WITH Second Seat (Black/Grey) you can pick with eyes closed. The trump card it plays on you is, it grows with you! This quality is enough for few of you to pick it up the instance you enter the stroller markets. Not one or two you can carry three of your kids in it, so as your first one grows older it can move up to the other seat. It is a versatile stroller that you will be happy to have.
Easy to Fold
Lift up the sides of the stroller and the magic is done! It will fold itself into a compact state in a flash without any fidgeting or length opening and closing process. Move the latch and secure it tightly while transporting or storing and that is all. No sweating or pushing around.
Seat Anatomy
The seat was designed to give super comfort to the kids. The various recline positions and 16 configuration traveling would never be difficult. There is a multi-position footwell, so the children can lay on their backs and enjoy the ride. You are allowed to position the seats facing each other, or parent facing, front facing or any position you want. There is a second seat and a glider board so as your family expands so does the stroller.
Stop the UV rays with the Canopy
The stroller has a UV 50+ sunshade to keep your child safe from all that extra sun. There is a window that allows you to peek regularly to keep a check on your little one and which can be adjusted according to the head height and has multiple positions to offer you convenience.
The Embellishments
Embedded is a travel system that can be connected to an adapter. There is space for adding a bassinet kit to help you with the handling of the little angel. There is also a telescope bar and hand-operated parking brakes. There are locks included for long distance travelling. The stroller is extremely sturdy and handy for daily use.
Pros and Cons
• Modish design
• An extra seat kit included
• Robust and good for frequent use
• Polyester made
• Some people didn’t find it durable
• The stroller is a bit pricey

2. Contours Curve Tandem Double Stroller for Infant and Toddler – 360° Turning and Easy Handling Over Curbs

The Contours Curve Tandem Double Strollers will fulfill all your expectations whether you have to walk throughContours Curve Tandem Double Stroller for Infant and Toddler – 360° Turning and Easy Handling Over Curbs parks, run errands, or go sightseeing. You will in fact keenly look forward to instances where you take have to take it out and enjoy. Among its many perks are its light weight and the comfort it provides to your kids. The up-to-date interior and exterior will look good when you go out strolling and the collection of features will keep the infants occupied and relaxed while they devour their food or sit back to observe the world.
The Snuggly Seats
The starling addition to the stroller are the seats that will make your child relax and therefore less likely to interrupt your outdoor activities. There is something for you too. The seats are water-resistant to aid your clean-up sessions. The fashionable seat textures that adorn the soft foaming will keep the children cuddles and cozy. The kids will remain safe with the safety straps attached.
Canopy and Configuration
The canopy covering the seat is UPF 50+ so that the sun rays are stopped in their tracks from waking up your kids or annoying them! Relax you will get to check on your kid with the peek-a-boo window and the incorporated zipper mesh. You can steer it in three positions. The strap attached keeps the child seat, there is even a pillow for each to sleep soundly.
You can adjust the seats with 7 configuration settings. You can navigate through the streets effortlessly with the easy steering mechanism and 360 turning of the 6 wheels. You can make your way through narrow streets like a breeze as well with the super easy maneuverability.
Braking System
The new braking system has been embedded into the stroller which is stunning. It is no brain surgery and the foot-oriented brakes are simple to use and placed in a convenient spot. The overall frame of the stroller is compact and designed using the aluminum frame.
Pros and Cons
• Wheels coated with rubber
• Five-pointed
• Available in various colours
• Automatic locking system
• Dynamic front and rear
• It is difficult to reach the capacity underneath the stroller
• Initially folding and unfolding is hard
• The footrest is large
• The cup embedded is not strong enough

3. Baby Jogger 2015 City Select with 2nd Seat, Onyx

The Baby Jogger 2015 made it immediately to the most revered list of strollers with the array of features it offers. TheBaby Jogger 2015 City Select with 2nd Seat, Onyx luxury stroller transforms into a double stroller and has other additional options that make it one of the luxurious options for you. With no effort at all you can treat your wanderlust yearning with no whimpering kids to spoil the fun.
A Large Canopy and Telescoping Handlebar
The three-section large canopy is big enough to shade your child against the harmful sun rays that might interrupt his peaceful sleep or sightseeing period. The window to peek through has a magnetic closure to makes it your favourite feature of the stroller. The telescopic handlebar can be raised and is adjustable so that you can move around without inflicting any pain on your arms.
Large Seat
The seat that might look small from a distance is actually a really roomy seat that is 12” wide and 21” higher from the back of the top. The adjustment options of the canopy further allow you to push the seat higher. The fabric of the seat can be taken off and washed with ease. But before you place it for drying reattach it to the seat.
Additional advantages
To keep the baby secured in his seat there is a five-point harness so that you don’t have to worry every 5 minutes to see if the kid is still propped up properly against the seat or isn’t on the brink of falling off the seat. All the small items that you have to carry in extra bags can be stored in the storage pocket behind the seat. You can put your extra, small belongings in the pocket. Probably the best thing that you would like is the second seat so that you can utilize when you have a second child which means it will grow old with you. Placing the second seat won’t be difficult and there are 16 seating configurations to make further things simpler for you.
Pros and Cons
• It is very easy to fold the stroller
• There is a basket below the stroller to store things
• Back pocket
• Placing of two seats and 16 seat configurations
• Smooth brakes
• Large footrest
• The stroller is heavy with a single seat, placing another one would make it heavier that will hinder the navigation
• There are no automatic locks for safety
• Even though the seat fabric is easy to clean and has a long life, it is a bit of scratchy which can make the child uncomfortable with all the itching

4. Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller – Black/Gray

This one is the best baby stroller with everything available to assist your parenting and taking offload from yourBaby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller – Black/Gray shoulders. Frequent planning for outings and reasons to leave your house will be what you will look for once you buy this beauty. The Baby jogger 2016 Summit X3 Doubling jogging stroller is an extremely efficient piece of equipment that will make your child happy.
The Deep Seat Recline
The seat lays flat to make the naps more comfortable for the kids. It is a sleeping haven for your child! A meshed fabric is used to construct the back of the seat to keep the inflow of air through efficient air circulation. To save you from rainy and cold days, there is even a solid cover present that can be quickly placed atop the meshed fabric to block the cold. There is an exceptional amount of space in the seat, your kid will absolutely refuse to get off the stroller!
Easy to Use
The top-hole folding mechanism will win you over. It is just a one-step task and the folded stroller wouldn’t take much of your home or car space. The parking brake is placed in an accessible place and you will easily park the stroller. There is even a handbrake installed for instant braking. The suspension system is functional and efficient. It absorbs all the shocks so that no matter how bumpy the path, your kid will be oblivious to it.
With so much to offer, baby jogger hasn’t surely compromised or forgotten the security of your child. There is a lock for which you don’t have to toy with any of the components. There is a remote present for you to quickly lock or unlock the wheels. There is even a wrist strap to keep the stroller in front of you at all times and doesn’t tips over.
Pros and Cons
• Foot and handle break gives extra control over the stroller
• Fits in small places
• Pockets and a large basket to assist you in carrying your valuables
• Protection from harmful rays by the large canopy
• Easy navigation and folding
• No Car seat adapters
• The handlebar cannot be adjusted
• Expensive

5. JOOVY Caboose Too Ultralight Graphite Stand-On Tandem Stroller, Black

This big boy has all the features you must be searching for in a stroller. It takes upon itself to treat the child will allJOOVY Caboose Too Ultralight Graphite Stand-On Tandem Stroller, Black the features as well as facilitate you when you make rounds outside. Who would want to spoil the sweet family time during trips to beautiful, serene places with the crying kid enervating all your energy leaving you haggard? With the JOOVY Caboose tandem stroller, the cozy, home-like feeling won’t leave the kid, in fact, he would lay back and enjoy the pleasant family time.
The seats are spacy so that your kids can sit on it majestically and enjoy the world. You can even remove them if you want and they offer the various reclining position to add on to the comfort. Both the seats have a specific weight they can hold so do check that before you buy one.
The stroller has a huge canopy to protect your child from the hot glare of the sun! The squared canopy has an extension to look for the child sitting in the back seat. The JOOVY Caboose is lightweight and can be driven through the thickest of crowd or narrowest of alley owing to its lightweight and compact size.
Added Benefits
There is a parent organizer section where you can place you belonging in the small sections of pocket. A child tray would stop the kids from making a mess while eating in the stroller and hold the cups and plates. A car seat adapter option is also there.
Pros and Cons
• Easy to handle
• Versatile
• Easy folding and unfolding option
• A small basket
• Squeaky wheels
• Costly
• Can be used in city areas

6. Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller, Laguna Blue

The Contours options elite is a sophisticated choice for you when you travel with your kids. It comes in attractiveContours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller, Laguna Blue colours to make head turns, and parents are asking you of the tandem stroller you have bought. It is convenient and comfortable in addition to being fancy. It has a range of feature in its pockets, making it an absolute favourite of every parent.
Easy Maneuvering
You can wheel around the tandem stroller smoothly with the rubber covered wheels that won’t let you or the child feel the bumps or potholes that you may encounter. The designing of the wheels is as such to reduce any shocks that might harm the baby or disrupt his playful mood. The rubber covering increases its longevity.
Super Quick Folding and Unfolding
The automatic locks help in the quick folding and unfolding of the seats. For those who avoid carrying any large material while travelling, you will love it as the stroller is space saviour. The compact size makes its portable.
High-quality materials have been utilized in the making of the stroller. The seat backs are high, and the footrest is large. There won’t be any squeezing or pushing around for space in the stroller as the seats are spacious.
Pros and Cons
• Stylish and sophisticated
• Versatile owing to the multiple configurations it has
• Extremely comfortable
• Rubber coated wheels
• Small cup holder for parents
• Maximum child weight that it can hold is 40lbs

7. Graco DuoGlider Stroller, Glacier, One Size

The Graco Duo Glider does look pretty good on paper, and it also appears to be an economical purchase. With theGraco DuoGlider Stroller, Glacier, One Size capacity to connect two infant car seats, and for babies to ride in it up to a max of 40 pounds, it feels like a long-term primary stroller for parents of twins. However, it is a fairly cheap stroller that might check all the boxes of wanted attributes, but it does very limitedly of them well. The under seat storage is relatively unreachable, the two seatbacks do not rest to the same degree, and the passenger experience is changed for both riders after they are no longer in infant seats.
Child Comfort
The seats of the Graco DuoGlider are remarkably comfortable because of their added padding and multi-position recline. It also comes fitted out with footrests and rotating canopies.
Ease of Use
The DuoGlider has established a perfect score in this area. This is purely because of how easy it is to assembled, folded, and maneuvered in crowded spaces. It is likely to fold and even steer by only using one hand with ease.
This double stroller has two parking brakes that are located on each rear wheel. These brakes are foot-operated, so this location is very convenient. To lock this stroller into place, you will need to step on both red levers at the same time.
This stroller is small enough to fit into any standard doorway. It also folds down to an even smaller size so that every parent can store it away with ease when your babies have grown up. This stroller does n’t fold down to as compact size as other double strollers. Nevertheless, it still ranks on the much higher end of the spectrum.
Weighing at around 28 pounds, this particular stroller is relatively light for a double stroller. The Graco DuoGlider is very lightweight as it can fold up and busy or on the go, parents can also it carry in one hand. The lightweight of this stroller makes it very easy to push even with two passengers.
This stroller comes along with cup holders, plenty of storage spaces, and there is a parent’s tray that comes with the storage as well. Many reviewers have agreed that the cup holders aren’t that big enough, but they can hold most of the bottles. There are other accessories that are available for purchase from Graco!
Pros and Cons
• Stroller accepts two car seats.
• Stable, durable buggy.
• Swivel lockable wheels make for easy maneuverability.
• Stadium seat configuration.
• Individual sun canopy.
• Ample storage options.
• The handlebar is not adjustable, and it is also padded.

8. Joovy Caboose Graphite Stand On Tandem Stroller, Black

The Joovy Caboose Graphite is an inline stroller which has sit and stand capabilities along with the addition of a rearJoovy Caboose Graphite Stand On Tandem Stroller, Black seat with an additional purchase. This sit and stand product is much better than the majority of the strollers of this category thanks to a very lightweight, compact fold and easy to use features. This stroller has earned an honorable mention for parents who need a lightweight and compact ride for two passengers of different ages. While the Caboose might not do everything, for example, accepting two car seats, but what it does, it genuinely does well and for a budget-friendly price.
Fold and Unfold
The Caboose needs two hands to fold and has three steps. When it comes to folding, it scores about average for ease of folding compared to the other competition in the market, and you’ll also need to pull up on the release on both sides at the same time then turn all the way over to get it to fold. This stroller doesn’t self-stand, and it requires the user to lock it manually. Unfolding the stroller is more comfortable, and can be done with one hand. It only has one step, but it requires bending all the way to the ground to open the lock and pull up to unfold. The stroller is light which makes lifting it to unfold easier, but it still needs more work than some others.
The under seat storage on the Caboose is more accessible with the sliding bench seat than some of the other stand and sit options that have near impossible to access storage. However, if you go for the addition of the Caboose Rear seat, then your access is virtually zero. The maximum allowance of the basket is around 5 lbs, and the smaller access opening means that it is hard to fit a normal diaper bag inside. The bin itself is average in size, and it couldn’t fit any diaper bag inside. Parents will need to place supplies in the bin rather than the bag one at a time.
The Caboose brakes are single action brakes that are average for ease of setting and releasing compared to the competition. The single action brakes are preferred over the double thanks to the doubles extra step and potential for lacking complete brake setting.
Pros and Cons
• Large storage space that is easy to access.
• 3 different position front seat for the comfortable ride of the child.
• Assembling the stroller is easy and also easy to use.
• Large storage space is easy to access.
• Included universal car seat adapter with the stroller.
• The front seat when reclined will leave fewer rooms for the rear seat.
• To fold the stroller user needs both of hands which are annoying.

9. Baby Trend Sit and Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller – Phantom

This Sit and Stand Ultra Stroller has everything a parent needs; it has many great features like the versatility ofBaby Trend Sit and Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller – Phantom accepting infant car seats in both the front and back seating positions. Parents can easily stay hydrated on the go with the dual cup holders, and find comfort and convenience in the ergonomic handle and the under seat storage.
Keep your baby secure with the latest 5-point safety harness, locking wheels and foot-activated dual-rear parking brake. Children can easily rest in comfort with the reclining seat, revolving canopy, easy access to snacks and drinks with 2 built-in cup holders, and all-wheel suspension for a smooth ride. Make this stroller a travel system by adding a Baby Trend highly rated infant car seats.
Enough Storage
No one wants to have the stress of going on daily strolls with bags full of changing clothes, diapers, and foodstuff for the kids! Not only will this bag be large and wear on you as you push a heavy buggy, but it will also be hard to keep a close eye on the infant whose running and planning to jump on the back stand of the stroller.
Baby Trend Sit and Stand Ultra Tandem buggy takes away the all the stress of carrying a bag for Utilities. It also offers enough storage to carry everything you’ll need for every stroll.
Multi-Position Recline Front Seat
If you want your little one to sit up or lean back, then this stroller is probably the perfect choice. The seats are highly padded for comfort, and they also come with a five-point harness on the very front seat to hold your baby securely in the seat.
The front seat also reclines to an almost flat position for a smooth and relaxed ride. You are also able to accordingly adjust the seat to a flat recline when your baby has dozed off. It’s then a stroller -cum- bed which is why this feature by far the best compared to others.
Lockable Swivel Wheels
Who said that children are tough to push or pull on the sidewalks particularly when you have to make an abrupt turn or that emergency shift? The swivel wheels can make a 360 degree turn smoothly. They are also quite flexible. So, do not fear that the wheels will get stuck or will refuse to move.
Pros and Cons
• Multi-position recline front seat.
• Quality fabric.
• Offers enough storage to carry everything.
• Allows easy cleaning and faster.
• Offers enough storage to carry everything.
• Handlebar is not adjustable.

10. Double Stroller Convenience Urban Twin Carriage stroller Tandem Collapsible Stroller All Terrain Double

pushchair for Toddler Girls and Boys Stable Stroller Frame with Bag Organizer (OXford Grey)Double Stroller Convenience Urban Twin Carriage stroller Tandem Collapsible Stroller All Terrain Double
Cynebaby Twin baby stroller is a high-quality luxury stroller with features like an aluminum alloy frame, an adjustable handle, weather shield, a big padded bassinet, a suspension system, swiveling front wheels with suspension springs, fully adjustable five-point harness and more.
Safety First
Passed ASTM F833 safety test ( Regulations of CPSC ). High-quality, eco-friendly fabric and non-toxic, healthy plastic ( The child bit it in his mouth without worrying about toxic substances ); extremely stable frame; anti-rust and heavy-duty aluminum alloy tube; rapid braking system; stroller safety straps protect your child in all conditions.
Unique Design
The older child can easily stand on the rear board by themselves which makes them feel like a grown up. Or when they are tired from standing and walking, they can sit on the back seat. They can face backward or forward when they are standing. A little child can upright sit or semi-reline in the front seat. The adjustable footrest also makes your small child more comfortable.
Features Point
Huge cargo storage basket that is convenient to place diaper bags, toys, or umbrella when you go out for a walk with your two kids ); 145-degree rotatable canopy and rear seat canopy extension prevent exposed sunlight and dust. And that’s not all; functional parent organizers can also help to place cup, wallet, cell phone. Stroller tray has a dual purpose as it can be used as a snack plate.
Pros and Cons
• The stroller comes with an adjustable handlebar to meet the needs of people with different heights.
• The stroller is completely adjustable
• The stroller has been tested by the ASTM society and passed the F833 safety standard test.
The stroller is difficult to put together and lacks detailed instructions.

11. Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller

If you want a double stroller for those long trips to the airport or amusement park, then you may want to buy theDelta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller Delta Children LX Side by Side Stroller. It is super light, and it is easy to handle even in the airport, and that’s not all, it has many features that you will love when you’re working while managing your baby all day. The kids will enjoy the comfy seats and the swift ride, and most importantly you won’t have to worry about fitting through any of the doorways you encounter. When you combine all of the valuable features with a price, then you won’t believe the outcome as the Delta LX is a great value for money for all parents with two small children.
Perfect Maneuverability
Maneuverability is one of the most important parts of a side by side double stroller. It is really tough to carry the stroller in different places. That is why this Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller is designed with 12 durable wheels.
Comfy Padded Seats
When parents carry their children in a stroller, it keeps the children comfortable and happy. That is why this stroller has extra padded comfortable seats. Softly padded straps of the stroller will hold the children safely with it.
Most of the customers have said in their reviews that their children love these seats very much. No matter if you carry them for a long time in the stroller, it will keep them cool and comfortable in the stroller. A multi-position reclining system is there to help the children in taking a nap after a long run of the stroller.
Lastly what we want to share is the weight of the stroller. This Delta LX Stroller has an excellent lightweight frame to make it lightweight. The weight of the stroller is only 18.3 pounds. This is a perfect weight for a double stroller. Carrying the stroller for traveling or lifting the stroller to store at trunk is very easy.
Lightweight is also great for maneuverability. It is true that more weight you carry more it difficult to move. That is why the stroller in its own self is very lightweight. Great to carry when you are going outside for something. It is also great for traveling to different places with less effort.
Pros and Cons
• 360-degree shock absorbing wheels.
• Easy to fold the stroller to carry and store.
• Limited time warranty is available.
• Available replaceable parts for the stroller.
• Included parent cup holder in the stroller.
• Really affordable price of the stroller.
• Soft Comfort Carrying Handle.
• Fits through standard 30″ door.
• Backs are quite short for taller baby
• Not a high-end stroller, so its features too are slightly compromised regarding quality.
• Shade canopies are short with only one panel

12. Joovy Toy Doll Caboose Tandem Stroller – Pink Dot

Pretend playtime gets real with the all-new Toy Caboose Stroller. Kids just love this realistic, high-quality toy replicaJoovy Toy Doll Caboose Tandem Stroller – Pink Dot of the original Joovy Caboose Stand-On Tandem stroller. The smart design allows your child to securely transport two or three loved toy friends at once for hours of role-playing fun. The built-in car seat adapter is compatible with the Joovy Toy Car Seat that is sold separately, and it also creates a travel system – just like the mom and dad’s stroller. It is made in a real stroller factory, the Joovy Toy Caboose sets the highest possible standard for toys and is designed with lifelike features to maximize the role-playing experience.
Playtime is about to get real
Let your child’s imagination and fancy run free with the lifelike pretend-play toys. The Toy Caboose is a copy of the original Caboose Stand-on Tandem Stroller, and that’s not all, it does everything that a mom and dad’s stroller does.
Heirloom Quality
This isn’t just your everyday toy, as it is made in a real stroller factory and is guaranteed to bring a big smile every time your child plays with it, the Toy Caboose will last for years thanks to its durability.
Holds up to 3 Dolls
Like real strollers, the toy doll Caboose holds up to a total of 3 dolls at a time – confused? Let us explain how. Buckle up one baby doll in the reclining front seat, another on the rear bench seat and a third can stand-on the platform, surprised? We were too, and we’re sure that your child will love it.
Swivel Front Wheels
The stroller is designed in such a manner that the swivel wheels are easy to push thus it makes playtime all the more realistic. Because of a realistic design, your child will have “real” fun while playing with the Toy Doll Caboose.
Reclining Front Seat & Adjustable Footrest
As we have mentioned earlier that the design of this stroller is very realistic, that is why the two-position recline and footrest allow for baby dolls to nap comfortably.
Pros and Cons
• Makes a great toy for little girls
• The handle is padded and is comfortable
• The toy is built in an actual stroller factory which gives it realistic features
• The stroller is only for dolls as it is a toy
• It is only popular among baby girls

13. Besrey Double Baby Stroller Baby Tandem Stroller – Gray

Besrey, is a long-term popular brand that focuses on manufacturing and selling various baby products like strollers,Besrey Double Baby Stroller Baby Tandem Stroller – Gray infant car seats, baby car seats (baby carriers), easily foldable baby bicycle and other baby products. Besrey also has a solution for mothers that are blessed with twins with their Besrey Double Baby Stroller which has everything a mother needs, it has a good storage, easily foldable as the stroller can be collapsed by the push of one button with detachable top, thus making this baby stroller ideal for all mothers of twin babies.
One Click Folding Double Pram
This is probably the most favorite feature of this stroller according to parents; you don’t have to do a lot of effort to collapse this stroller as it could be done by just by one button.
This stroller also scores pretty good when it comes to movement, as it has 360° Swivel Lockable Front Wheel along with Double Brakes Rear Wheel which makes the stroller wholly safe and possesses one of the most unique design in the double stroller that makes pushchair more easy safety & smoothly to push.
Adjustable Backrest
Any good stroller is incomplete without adequate adjustability. The backrest on this stroller can be adjusted along with its front and rear angle of the backrest. And that is not all, the 2 seats for babies are also suitable for 0-36 months, which can hold a load of 15kg so that your baby can lie comfortably in it.
Pros and Cons
• One touch collapsible
• Easily folding
• Easy adjustable
• Easy movement
• The rear baby doesn’t have a front view.

14. Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller, Black

From a simple stroll to the park to a day of adventure at a theme park, the ScooterX2 will definitely make each trip aJoovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller, Black delight for you and your little ones. As a side-by-side stroller, the ScooterX2 is still narrow enough to fit through most doorways. The new, larger sealed bearing wheels give you excellent maneuverability and the kids a satisfyingly swift ride. Sporting an enormous canopy and individually reclining seats, the ScooterX2 is sure to keep both your little ones cool and comfortable.
Easy to fold
The Joovy Scooter features the “one hand fold” mechanism, making it quick and easy to fold up for storage. It simply folds in half and fits in most trunks – for dimensions see below:
32 pounds
14″H x 30″W x 35.75″L
The stroller itself weighs 32 pounds and is 14″H x 30″W x 35.75″L in dimension when folded up. This isn’t extremely heavy for a stroller, especially a side by side stroller, but make sure to check the size of your trunk before purchasing it to ensure that it will fit. It also may be strategic to figure out if you will have any space left over in your trunk after you put the stroller in. That way you can ensure you have space for groceries or other belongings in your trunk as well.
Plenty of storage space
With children comes the burden of hauling around their much-needed accessories everywhere you go. Between a diaper bag, toys, and your own purse or bag, you can find yourself carrying a lot around when you go out.
Luckily, the Joovy Scooter has a very large storage basket underneath the seats. What parent doesn’t appreciate the value of extra storage? The Joovy Scooter provides all the storage you need whether you are running a quick errand to the grocery store or a day trip to the zoo. There are even two cup holders and zippered pockets for your phone, wallet, or other valuables.
Seats recline separately
The Joovy Scooter X2 allows for each seat to be reclined separately, meaning your children do not always have to be seated at the same recline position. This way you can have your napping infant laying down and your alert toddler in a seated position.
Pros and Cons
• Easy to maneuver & fold
• Sleek design
• Seats recline separately
• Great quality for the price
• Large canopy
• Huge basket to carry things
• May not be for tall people-can’t adjust the height of the handlebar
• Not good for public transportation

15. Kinderwagon Hop Tandem Umbrella Stroller – Black v2

The Kinderwagon HOP has an in-line design that makes it easier to push through smaller spaces, holds two children, Kinderwagon Hop Tandem Umbrella Stroller – Black v2preferably those who are close in age. It will take one car seat so it can’t be used for twins babies.
The Hop has stadium seating for two children who are less than 50 lbs (each), although the seats are shallower than you may expect, so many have found it to be too small for their 4-year-old or larger 3-year-old.
Fold and Unfold
We had trouble folding this option flat and getting the manual elastic lock strap connected. While some testers could do it one-handed, others took two, but none liked the stroller lock and how difficult it was to use. It does not self-stand, and unlocking requires putting pressure on the frame to fold the stroller flatter to disconnect the strap.
Storage Area
This stroller has a small hard to access the storage bin with a mere 5 pounds worth of storage. The cross brace blocks big items from being put in the bin, and 5 lbs are doubtful to be enough for all the supplies for two. The bin only has access from the sides of the stroller because of the back stretcher and top folding cross bars. The HOP also has a fixed cup holder low on the frame that fits any standard water bottle.
The HOP brakes is definitely the most controversial feature as they are single action which means that they are easy to set and release, but unfortunately also seem to release themselves if the stroller is tipped back or pushed hard forward. This caused concern for us and left us not liking the brakes, even if the brakes are sandal foot friendly.
Pros and Cons
• Easy folding
• Great for twins
• Has an inline design
• Limited legroom
• Short canopy
• No visibility with the canopy open

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