Top 6 Best Triple Strollers in 2022 – Ultimate Guide

Top 6 Best Triple Strollers in 2020 - Ultimate Guide

The parents of triplets or those who have three kids really deserve a salutation. Taking care of just one child can be nerve-wrenching and tiring, let alone three. Things are still under control, as long as, the kids are in the house and you along with your partner can keep a check on them and their safety. However, you cannot keep the babies at home all the time. After all, like the adults, kids too want to go out and have some fun. It also changes their mood while parents get a break from the confines of the home. However, as pretty and dreamy it sounds, taking care of the babies out of the house, can really get the best of you. Read our complete guide about the best 3 wheel strollers.

Parents with single or two kids can still manage to go on a ride. But, the case for parents with a triplet is a little different. For the same reason, many companies that are into manufacturing the baby products have come up with a relieving and innovative product, which is the triple stroller. A big savior for parents with three kids. If you too have three cutie pies at home, the struggle is understandable. But now, you need not cancel the outing plan or lose your sleep over managing the babies while going out. All you have to do is, get a triple stroller, settle your babies in it, begin the ride. Read our latest guide about the best compact double strollers.

Features to Look for in a Triple Stroller

Size: In the case of a triple stroller, it is hardly anything that you can do about the size. This is because providing space for three kids is not possible without it. However, look for the size of the triple stroller when it is folded completely. At the same time, if you go for a triple stroller that is small enough to pass through the standard size doors, it would be a bliss. Not only does it save you time and energy, it also eliminates the process of getting the kids in and out of the stroller all the time. A large triple stroller can also be lightweight. Such types of triple strollers areTop 6 Best Triple Strollers in 2018 easy to store and maneuver.

Wheels: Undoubtedly, the wide wheelbase is more appropriate when you’re considering to bring home a triple stroller. They offer a greater balance to the stroller and much support to the caregiver. You should actually look for a front wheel locking mechanism and shock absorbers, as these could be great plus points. You can either go for air-filled wheels while considering foam-filled wheels would be much better. A stroller with a better suspension system is bound to give your babies a comfortable and shockproof ride.

Appearance: Before you look for the other features in any triple stroller, the first thing that catches your glance is color and style. Pick colors that reflect your taste. There is a whole range to choose from the shades like black to blue. The fabric material should be soft and not create any rashes or irritation to the baby. Babies have a way too sensitive skin and would be spending a lot of time in the stroller. So, pay good heed to the fabric.

Durability and Safety: The frame material should be sturdy and durable. A strong frame wouldn’t have any risk of tripping and provide more balance. You can either opt for a steel frame which is highly durable or a lightweight aluminum that needs less maintenance. For the safety of your kids, make sure that the stroller has a safety harness system. Along with that, a safety latch and front swivel wheels that can be locked are highly suggested.

Weight Limits: With the triple stroller, you have to know that the maximum and minimum recommended weight limits can differ for each seat. Knowing these parameters are essential for the safety of your kids. Rather than making a random decision, it is better to take home a product that you would be using to the fullest. Pay attention to the total as well as the individual seat weight that the stroller can safely carry.

Seat Orientation: Your babies need a seating system that is not only spacious enough but can also be reclined at different angles. Most of the strollers come with seats that can be turned to either face you or the rest of the surroundings. That means, front-facing and rear-facing systems. The rear-facing lets your kids have a look at you while you are the riding the stroller. Generally, the triple strollers offer a 5-point harness system and it is better to goTop 6 Best Triple Strollers in 2018 for it.

Canopies: Canopies are a must. Some triple strollers have one large canopy that is sufficient to cover all the three kids together. And some have two separate canopies with a hood and a zip. The canopies not only protect the babies from the harmful ultraviolet rays, they also act as a safety shield from cold winds, rain, and heat. The rain cover is also a popular feature to look for while finalizing the triple stroller.

Handlebar: More advanced models of triple strollers have a comfort touch handlebar system. It can actually sense the forward motion and let the user move the stroller with ease and without requiring too much force. Adjustable handlebars make things easy for the parents. They bend at various angles and are suitable to people of all sorts of heights. A layer of cushion or foam on the handlebar prevents the hands from sweating and allows a firm grip.

Brakes: There is a range of brake systems available in the umbrella strollers. From the traditional pedal brakes to the latest one-touch brake system. Though the purpose of all the brakes is to stop the stroller and park it somewhere, you can always prefer one kind over the other according to your choice. Nowadays, some of the triple stroller models also have wear-resistant brakes. They hardly need any kind of repair for years.

Storage: Now, generally the triple stroller account for a bulky product, it becomes even more important for you to look for something easy to fold and wrap. A stroller starts troubling if it cannot be folded into a smaller size. Triple strollers with great storage and portability features are better for many reasons. They take up less space and easier to manage. Sometimes, they also come with a carry bag.

Types of Triple Strollers

Finding a lot of variety in the category of triple strollers is not possible. Basically, here are the three main types of triple strollers that one can go for.

Triple Stroller with Two Seats and a Standing Platform

The two seats and a standing platform is more like a tandem seating but with a rear bench seat and standingTop 6 Best Triple Strollers in 2018 platform. There are two front seats and one back bench. The seats would surely recline but not to the extent of becoming fully flat. Such type of triple stroller is best for you if you either have twins and an older kid or an infant, a toddler, and an older kid who would love to stand instead of sit in the seat. These models may either have a larger canopy to provide shade to all the three kids together or two separate canopies with a hood or an attachment.

Tandem Triple Stroller

This is the most common type of triple strollers. Here, all the three seats have equal space and are placed back to back. These are more perfect for parents with triplets or with three kids all being almost the same age. All the kids have the same leg space. The seats can recline but not fully. While these may be a little heavy to push, passing through the doorways is not a problem for them. Such kind of triple stroller has a narrow width in comparison to the other styles of triple strollers. There is enough space to store things at the base of the seats.

Side-by-Side Triple Jogging Stroller

The last one is the side-by-side triple stroller. It is clear by the name, that all the three kids would sit together in the three separate front seats. The model has its own set of benefits and limitations. First of all, the parents can have a check on all the three kids together. They are all in the equal access of the caregiver. All being in the front seat also get a chance to enjoy the surroundings in the same manner. No kid would block the view of the other sibling. However, the side by side seating makes the stroller too wide and heavy to handle. It can hardly pass through any entrance or standard size gateway. Moreover, the triple stroller is good only for the triplets. It cannot be used by the parents who have kids of different age.

Instead of taking a decision in a hurry, take your time and then make a decision. You can also talk to other parents who have three kids or have triplets. Getting a triple stroller is not an ordinary task. For better or worse, once you make a decision, you are going to have to live with that stroller for years to come. So, choose wisely.

Depending upon your choices and needs, you can easily opt for the triple stroller from the above three categories. To make things easy for you, below is the list of selected triple strollers from some of the best brands in the world of triple strollers. Let’s check out the best triple strollers available in the market and see how these are better than each other.

Top 6 Best Triple Strollers in 2022

Picture Name Feature Price Rating


Name Feature Price


1. Joovy Big Caboose Graphite Stand On Triple Stroller, Black child from 2.5+ years and up to 45 lbs $$$ 4.8
2. Foundations The Trio Sport Sport Triple Tandem Stroller, Lime
weighing up to 40 lbs per seat $$$ 4.8
3. Child Craft Sport Multi-Child Triple Stroller, Regatta Blue
Safe break system $$$ 4.6
4. Obaby Mercury Triple Stroller – Black/Red
32.3 x 42.5 x 40.2 inches $$$ 4.6
5. Foundations Worldwide Foundations Regette Blue 3 Passenger Stroller, LX3
5 point safety harness $$$ 4.5
6. Foundations Trio Sport Tandem Stroller Front and rear seats recline $$$ 4.5

1. Joovy Big Caboose Graphite Stand On Triple Stroller, Black

Size and Looks

Joovy is a renowned brand that assures quality and comfort. The company has been crafting brilliant baby productsJoovy Big Caboose Graphite Stand On Triple Stroller, Black for a long time. The Joovy Big Caboose Graphite Stand-On Triple Stroller is a black elegant stroller for all the three of your kids. It has two front seats and a rear bench seat. The two front seats can accommodate kids who are more than 6 months of age and have a weight up to 40 lbs.

You can also use the front seat for your newborn, given that the seats are used with car seat adapters that have been included in the package. Coming to rear bench seat, it can also be used as a standing platform that gives enough space to accommodate a child who is of 2.5 years of age or above and weighs up to 45 pounds. In fact, the triple stroller is even perfect for you if you have either twins, twins and toddler, triplets, or three young children.

The maximum weight it can carry safely is around 125 lbs. As far as the specifications of the stroller are concerned, it weighs 32.3 pounds. The black beauty stroller is made of 300D polyester material. The item dimensions are 63 x 21.5 x 14 inches when opened. When it is folded, the triple stroller measures 14H x 21.5W x 63L inches. As long as your kids are less than 3 years of age, this stroller is good to go!


For your baby’s comfort, you can easily recline the front seats to two different positions. The Big Caboose Graphite makes sure that the babies have plenty of space to stretch their legs. That is why the front seats in the triple stroller are full-size seats. Whereas, the older kid can choose to sit, stand, or even walk along the stroller, using the rear bench seat and the standing platform.

In case, you have triplets or all your kids fall in the same age range, worry not. In that case, you can simply opt for the Joovy Caboose Rear Seat accessory. The users can get it separately. The main purpose of the accessory is to convert the rear bench seat of the stroller into a full-size reclining seat. Installation of the seat accessory is easy. As a result, the stroller now provides you the comfort of three full-size reclining seats that have 5-point harnesses.

As you already know that the Big Caboose Graphite can carry weight up to 125 lbs which makes it slightly heavy to push. Maneuvering the fully loaded stroller would obviously need a bit more strength. To tackle that issue, all the wheels in the triple stroller have sealed-bearings. Thus, you enjoy an easy push-and-steer carriage with a linked parking brake. An all-wheel suspension results in a smooth ride for babies. The stroller has a narrow width and can easily pass through the doorways and hallways, etc.


The triple stroller has removable canopies which are large enough. For your older child sitting at the back, a new larger rear canopy offers a complete coverage and protection from the rain and heat. There are adjustable footrests with two child trays. Two car seat adapters are included with the product. A large storage basket and an optional parent organizer is brilliant for keeping your keys, phone, and cool drinks.

Summary of the Key Features

  • Car seat accessory included.
  • Removable canopies.
  • A new, large canopy for the rear seat bench.
  • Wheels with sealed-bearings for easy push.
  • Sufficient storage space.

2. Foundations The Trio Sport Sport Triple Tandem Stroller, Lime

Size and Looks

The lime-colored Trio Sport Sports Triple Tandem Stroller is a marvelous carriage by Foundations. Now, going outFoundations The Trio Sport Sport Triple Tandem Stroller, Lime with your kids is no more a hassle. This triple stroller can safely carry kids with an age range below 36 months. On each seat, the parents can settle children weighing up to 40 pounds. The complete dimensions of the stroller are 48 x 22 x 20 inches and the item weight is 34 pounds. The maximum weight recommended by the manufacturer is 50 pounds and the minimum weight is 34 pounds.


Both the front and the rear seats can be reclined at various positions according to the need. Even when the stroller carries three kids together, it is still easier to push and maneuver the carriage. Thanks to the ergonomic handle placed on the stroller. The wheels are heavy-duty and quite durable. They are covered with rubberized foam. That means, even if you are taking a walk on an uneven road, the wheels absorb all the shock and jerk to let your kids have a comfortable ride.

Being a sports stroller, the product naturally delivers a perfect combination of strength and mobility. It is made of durable tubing which is lightweight and can be dealt with easily. There is a five-point adjustable harness system. It has three different height positions to make room for three children, all with different age and size, and each weighing up to 40 pounds.

The stroller also has an in-line stadium design. The design helps your child have a better look at the surroundings by increasing the child visibility. As a cherry on top, there is a safe brake system which stops the stroller immediately after the stroller handle is released by the user.


The manufacturer gives a 1-year warranty on the Trio Sport Sport Triple Tandem Stroller. There is, of course, a canopy to save the babies from the unpleasant weather like rain and cold wind, and also the UV sun rays.

A lightweight frame forms the structure of this stroller. It also helps in the easy and quick folding of the stroller for the storage. Maintaining the hygiene of the strollers is important. For this reason, the brand has used an easy to clean fabric in this stroller. There are some extra-large storage baskets.

For example, the rear storage has enough space for keeping the babies’ necessities. As the stroller is perfect in size, it can comfortably fit through any standard doorways. Now, you would be able to take the kids indoor without a problem. All in all, the product is very easy to use, store, and transport.

Summary of the Key Features

  • 1-year warranty.
  • Great storage bags.
  • A five-point adjustable harness system.
  • Three different height positions.
  • An in-line stadium design.

3. Child Craft Sport Multi-Child Triple Stroller, Regatta Blue

Child Craft has been the most trusted name in the world of making utility baby products that offer safety, comfort, Child Craft Sport Multi-Child Triple Stroller, Regatta Blueand style to the parents and the babies.

Size and Looks

If you wish to have a hassle-free experience while storing the baby’s stroller, this product is perfect for you. The Child Craft Sport Multi-Child Triple Stroller is an easy to fold stroller when not in use. It is not only suited for compact transportation but also automatically unfolds in seconds at just one push of the button.

You are going to be delighted with this stroller for many reasons. It is a highly adaptable and stylish product which is complete in itself.  The design is sleek, classy, and beautiful to look at. It uses a soft fabric while flaunting a brilliant shade of Regatta Blue.

The Child Craft Sport Multi-Child Triple Stroller is suitable for babies who are less than 36 months. The exact dimensions of the stroller are 56 x 32.5 x 47 inches and it has a weight of 59 lbs. While the manufacturer suggests a maximum recommended weight of 40 lbs per child, the minimum recommended weight is 15 lbs.


Feel relaxed while taking the babies out for a walk. All the seats in the stroller are blessed with an adjustable 5-point harness system. You can also recline the seats anytime in order to help the infants feel more comfortable. It can be embarrassing to put your kids down, every time you come across a standard door. Now, this problem is solved as the stroller has a size which can pass through the normal doors.

That means, the kids can be loaded indoors without any hard work. The design of the seats is like stadium-seating. The wheels have a coating of rubber and shock absorbing foam for a pleasant and comfortable ride. The stroller also has an in-line stadium design. The design helps your child have a better look at the surroundings by increasing the child visibility.

It is easy to maneuver on any kind of terrain. As soon as the handle is released, the safety brake system is on. The Child Craft Trio stroller takes hardly a minute to fold down. It is a great product when it comes to storage and transportation. All you have to do is, simply pull up on the red safety locks and fold it forward to store it.


The triple stroller comes with a 1-year warranty period. Get a huge stroller basket with the stroller to easily carry larger grocery or shopping bags. Protect your child from scorching sun rays with the canopy given in the stroller. Folding this stroller is a piece of cake and hardly takes up any space when folded. The fabric used in the triple stroller is easy to clean.

Summary of the Key Features

  • 1-year warranty period.
  • Quite easy fold.
  • Comfortable recline.
  • Large and durable canopy.

4. Obaby Mercury Triple Stroller – Black/Red

Size and Looks

Obaby Mercury Triple Stroller is a black/red stroller that is suitable for even the newborns. It raises your baby to aObaby Mercury Triple Stroller – Black/Red more height, allowing you to have a proper eye contact with your baby. Now, you can make your sweetheart giggle any time and feel more connected. When folded, it measures around 99cm (height) x 69 cm (width) x 36 cm (depth). The stroller, when opened, has dimensions of 101cm x 107 cm x 86 cm.

The total weight of the stroller is 15.8 kgs. The safest maximum recommended weight for the Obaby Mercury Triple Stroller is 15 kgs per seat. While you are going to fall in love with the red/black shade of the stroller, the 100% polyester fabric is also going to impress you very much.


Your kids would be more than comfortable in this stroller. A brilliant feature of Obaby Mercury Triple Stroller is that its seats can recline to multiple positions. On top of that, there are also provided some vents and a retractable weather cover to turn the ride for your babies into a fun and safe things.

Looking at the other features, the front wheels can also be locked with the help of a front wheel lock which is provided on the handlebar. So, the users can maneuver the stroller. The front wheel suspension system prevents the stroller from jerks and bumps. Moreover, the brakes can be operated manually while making the ride much comfortable on hilly or uneven terrains.

The handles are ergonomic and have a foam covering. An aluminum frame keeps the weight of the stroller to a minimum. There are adjustable leg-rests for the comfort of your babies. A 5-point safety harness system is installed into each seat. That means, your babies would stay in place and as parents, you would be assured of an extra security on the trip.


Many user-friendly features have been added to the triple stroller. The features include detachable and independently retractable hoods and a matching PVC rain cover. These not only offer a protection from the weather, but also enhance the looks of the stroller. There is a simple and compact umbrella fold which comes along with a convenient carry handle.

This means it is perfect for storage and travel as well. You can store a lot of things while using the stroller. For instance, the three large and spacious shopping baskets are made while keeping in mind the needs of the whole family. You can also travel longer distances with all your babies’ belongings. It is easy to clean the stroller fabrics and keep them shining for very long.

Summary of the Key Features

  • PVC rain cover and retractable hoods.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • A 5-point safety harness system.
  • Front wheel suspension.

5. Foundations Worldwide Foundations Regette Blue 3 Passenger Stroller, LX3

Size and Looks

The Foundations is one of the most popular brands in the world of baby strollers. The company has been craftingFoundations Worldwide Foundations Regette Blue 3 Passenger Stroller, LX3 innovative products for babies and parents for a long time. The Foundations Worldwide Foundations Regette Blue 3 Passenger Stroller is another key product in the line of strollers for parents who have three babies.

The carriage comes in Regette Blue shade and has a combined seat weight capacity of 150 pounds. The total weight of the triple stroller is around 70 pounds and it is appropriate to use for kids who are less than 50 pounds.  This stroller has dimensions of 41″ H x 22.25″ W x 71.5″ L when opened and assembled.

The maximum recommended weight for the babies is 50 pounds whereas the minimum recommended weight is 18 pounds. The frame of this triple stroller is made of sturdy imported steel. The stroller offers an extra large seating area and additional headroom to all the three kids.


All three seats in the Foundations Worldwide Foundations Regette Blue 3 Passenger Stroller have an adjustable 5-point harness system. These are big enough to fit older kids, which could weigh as much as up to 50 pounds. This stroller also features the largest wheels in the triple stroller industry.  So, you can be sure about the perfect balancing and the maneuverability of the stroller.

The frame is made from an extra heavy-duty steel material. It has a double walled tubing in critical areas for an unbeatable strength. SafeBrake system of the triple stroller doesn’t need to be operated manually. In fact, they will come into action automatically, as soon as the caregiver leaves the stroller unattended for a while.

The braking system is durable. It is wear-resistant and has shoe-less braking components. That means you would hardly have to worry about the need for adjustment or replacement of any kind. Along with them, the stroller also carries a secondary manual parking brake, only to provide you with an added security.


Enjoy a full 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty on your favorite triple stroller. Not only does it fold in the blink of an eye, it is easy to assemble too. The stroller has a large sun canopy which is accompanied with even larger storage baskets. For your comfort and assurance, the fabric used in making the stroller seats is highly durable and easy-to-clean. This feature adds life to the stroller and saves you from repair expenditures.

An exclusive comfort push handle disengages the brake automatically as soon as it senses the forward motion. So, your hands must no go through the pressure of pushing the stroller hard. The canopy shields are extra large and efficiently protect the kids from the harmful UV rays. Thanks to the wide opening, you can easily access the stroller. Carry lots of stuff with the help of extra large storage baskets which provide ample space for diaper bags, toys, and items needed by the parents.

Summary of the Key Features

  • Extra large canopy shields.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Large wheels for better balance.
  • Automatic brakes.
  • Comfort push handles.

6. Foundations Trio Sport Tandem Stroller

Size and Looks

As the name suggests, the Foundations Trio Sport Tandem Stroller is a wonderful tandem stroller with seatingFoundations Trio Sport Tandem Stroller capacity for as many as 3 kids. It can easily fit three children per seat, each having a maximum weight of 40 pounds. The brand brings forth this collection which flaunts a new and trendy bright orange color. In fact, the color is so cheerful that it adds an element of excitement and joy to the ride.

Having said that, here are some of the key specifications of the Foundations Trio Sport Tandem Stroller. The whole product has an item weight of 59 pounds. Its product dimensions are 48 x 22 x 18 inches. The maximum weight recommendation is 88.2 Pounds. The sturdy body of the triple stroller is made of steel.


The front and rear seats can be adjusted to multiple positions. They can recline at various angles to provide a cozy and soothing place for your kids while you are on the ride. On the other hand, the 5-point harness helps your kids stay safe while on the move. The stroller also has an option of changing the height of the stroller to three different positions.

The stroller uses heavy-duty rubberized foam wheels. The padded seats really make the ride a bliss for the babies. To parents, the stroller offers an optimum durability and easy maneuverability due to the double tubing construction. Its foot-activated brake makes sure that the stroller stays in place when parked. The suspension system absorbs the shock created by the bumps on the road.


The huge canopies are there to protect your little ones from the heat and dust. The canopies give enough shade and protection to your babies. Overall, the stroller is pretty easy to wrap and maintain.  A peek-a-boo window provided in the carriage allows you to keep an eye on your children as you walk. The triple stroller makes things easy with a spacious storage bin that holds toys, diapers, bottles, and more.

Summary of the Key Features

  • Comfortable and stylish product.
  • Large storage space.
  • 5-point safety harness.
  • Multiple reclining positions.

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